Friday, July 4, 2008

जाने तू या जाने ना...

आजच जाने तू या जाने ना बघितला. It's rocking! really... कभी कभी... पासुन पप्पू कान्ट... आणी नजरे मिलाना... गाणी अप्रतिम! :) Rats, mawou... WOW! :)
as far as story is concerned I st half is good, fast, funny but as usual in the second half there is kind of dramma but berable

Best dialouge(s)/ conversation:

Jai's mom & dead dad! it is really fun to watch.

Aditi & Jai's Mom... पाच साल कैसे बीत गये पता ही नही चला... Jai's Mom>> फोन पे बेटा :)

fighting btwn Meghna's parents!( Rajat is looking horribly drunk )

Then some last shots when Jai sings on the airport jaane tu... oh man though it is old trick here this guy was awesome!

Even Meghna looks stunning & what I can say about Genelia.. she is totally different!

I thought after JWM no other picture/ song can become so popular... but fortunately wrong.. all the songs of this philm are really cool!

Am happy at this moment! great picture really fun!

""People come into your life for a reason or a season. They bring joy and lessons!!!"

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