Thursday, January 29, 2009

Preface or Forward or Introduction

This is one of the best Preface or Forward or Introduction whatever you call it with a reason why it should be written…

From the book
“Believe in God who Believes in you?"
By Robert H. Schullar

Be hopeful! For tomorrow has never happened before

An opening word

“Tell me please:

Why does a symphony need an overture?
Why does a building have a front portico?
Why does a star on a stage need a warm – up act?
I’ve noticed some books have prefaces other books have forwards, any books have introductions.
I’m confused. Who needs them?

The Marketing folks? “Get a big name to write the introduction. It will help sell the product.”

The layout people? “The book’s too thin? Fatten it up. Put in some stuffing. Yes! That’s it! A forward!”

The author? He finished the book but forgot something?
Stick it up front and call it a preface.
The critic? She has to review this book and needs to get to the heart of matter in a hurry
The reader? He needs to be set up for what’s coming.
His mind is in a dozen (a hundred?) other places. You’ve got to draw his attention to what you’re saying.
I’m still perplexed. The rules are vague. The roles overlap.
The job descriptions are not clear.
The specifications are fuzzy. The definitive standards? There aren’t any.

So for this book, at least, I’ll do my thing. Call it sorting out my audience… screening the readers…
The Forward is directed to the agnostic or atheist or secular reader.
The Preface is directed to the religious reader.

So I trust I have written for you – whoever and wherever you are – so that you will indeed come to know and believe in the God who believes in you.”

I've never ever in my whole life found such a simply great Forward...

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