Friday, June 13, 2008

सुखी माणसाचा सदरा शोधतोय...

Everybody is selfish.s/he has to be like that for the survival. This might be shocking to you but the fact that we have certain motives in our minds for each one. सुखाच्या बदल्यात सुख .. >> Yup it was right from the beginning & it will be like that forever! Though haven't gone through all your posts, would like to compliment you for your unique way writing.सुख म्हणजे नक्की काय?>> व्याख्या करणं फार कठीण नाही, पण प्रत्येक माणसा गणीक ही व्याख्या बदलत जाते(च). आता आपण असही म्हणु शकतो की मानण्यावर सुख आहे. Everyone is different, unique INDIVIDUAL who certainly has some set limits, boundaries which s/he may not want to cross... If we want something then we look out for the way to satisfy the same. But at the same time it should be kept in mind that wants are un ending.
"Primitive passions are as forceful as they ever were. No culture can do away with them. Jealousy, like love, is one of the motive powers of progress. It is a great evil - but a necessary one - as necessary as war. Without strife of some sort, the world would become like a stagnant pool breeding nothing but weeds and the slimy creatures pertaining to foulness. Even in love, the most divine of passions, there should be a wave of uncertainty and a sense of unsolved mystery to give it everlastingness."- The Life Everlasting

From Atlas Shrugged:
"Accept the irrevocable fact that your life depends on your mind. Admit that the whole of your struggle, your doubts, your fakes your evasions, was a desperate quest for escape from the responsibility of a volitional consciousness- a quest for automatic knowledge, for instinctive action, for intuitive certainty- and while you called it longing for the state of an angel, what you were seeking was the state of an animal."-From Galt’s speech

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